Find stuff on the Tor network

Have you ever wondered how you can properly navigate trough Tor? Find all those fancy hidden .onion pages the people talk about? I will give you a few tips to make this task simpler!

Search Engines

Over the years several search engines were created for Tor. Some vanished again, some are here to this day. They are a great way to find stuff, but also contain scam links. So beware!

Hidden Wikis

Firstly there is no real hidden wiki. There are several, and all of them are somewhat real. Hidden Wikis are often seen as the central access point to Tor but reality is most of them are scam and outdated.

You should be aware that anybody can edit these wikis, [verified] tags mean nothing in a environment like this.

Some of the more popular wikis are:

Link lists

Another method, yet again not safe from scam, are link lists. Several onion users maintain their own linklists on public onions. But most of them dont actively check onion sites, so many of them may be down.

Onion Indexes

If you are adventurous and want to browse some more random stuff check out one of the 2 onion indexes, these sites carry more or less complete lists of currently online onion sites.

When someone, somewhere is trying to sell you a list of onions it is usually copy paste of those sites.


Especially for Market links Reddit is might one of the safest places to gather links while not the most active one. Subreddits like /r/onions, /r/Tor, /r/deepweb and /r/DarkNetMarkets are worth to subscribe to.

Especially the /r/DarkNetMarkets - Markets superlist is worth a view.


Beware: Any of the above linked pages will contain spam links at some point. I am just showing you the way, i advice to be careful and only click on what you think is right to. Do not give out any personal information.

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