Tor and Darknet Terminology

You may have seen phrases and abbreviations beeing thrown around the darknet and had no idea what they mean. You may wonder what the difference between darknet and the deepweb is. Maybe you just wonder what your friends are talking about. Whatever it is, i will provide you with some of the more interesting words, phrases and abbreviations.

It is not sorted by the alphabet, but rather by how important i think they are and grouped to themes.


Not TOR*. Tor is probably the most known darknet, except maybe freenet. Tor is the software you use within Tails or the Tor Browser Bundle if you rather know these. It is basically a network within the internet that hides your identity trough onion routing.

* I think one of the main reasons people use TOR instead of Tor is the subreddit /r/TOR. The story behind this is simple that reddit cant change the names and they sub was taken over from a called what was actually called TOR. Also Tor actually was a acronym for The Onion Routing, but the current maintainers dont use that anymore.


Darknets usually are P2P networks where mutliple clients connect to each other instead of central instances to communicate. Tor is just one of those, most similiar are Freenet and i2p. But also things like RetroShare which is centered around file sharing with friends are considered Darknets.


The deepweb describes any unindexed websites. This might be coorperate networks, websites that prevent indexing or basically everything hidden behind a login. Hence even your home NAS is part of the deepweb. The term is often used to describe the idea of the masses of data we can not access, alone NASA has terrabites of interesting stuff somewhere in their network.


Also Cheesy Pizza and depending on context probably any other words starting with C. P. simply stand for child porn. Sorrily it is not that unusual to stumble upon this phrase on link lists, so beware.


Jailbait on the other side usually means teenagers and upwards, usually pictures or videos without actual sex but sexual context or somehow arusing otherwise.

Creepy Pasta

Creepy Pastas are creepy fictional stories. You find a lot of them on sites like or subreddits like /r/NoSleep. A lot of the scary and creepy stories around the darknet and Tor orginate from creepy pastas. I may go into detail of that in another post.


Gore is about violent videos and pictures usually containing death or at least a lot of blood. The older ones will remember, the shock site of the first internet generation. But today gore is all over the internet with several huge sites like LiveLeak or BestGore. These offer a lot of bandwidth to look at such things, therefore there is not much gore on the darknet where things would be rather slow.


Snuff is video material of killing someone which was created in order to sell it. As far as we currently know snuff does not exist in that way. Often mentioned is Peter Scully but as far as we know there is no actual video of him murdering. The video often mentioned along is Daisy's Destruction but the victim luckily survived.

Red Rooms

Red Rooms are content of stories that describe live streams of murders. Often the watchers even can give their inputs to the tortures. To this point there has been no proof at all that such things exist. Every popular story has technical flaws and something like this would be technical very hard to impossible to do on any anonymous darknet. It is still speculated that these exist and you just can't find them, personally i strongly doubt it but we do live in a crazy world.

I think this are the most important words, those who everybody gets wrong the first times, those who are questioned way more than others. Hope that helps.

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