"Will the feds knock at my door?"

A question that rises again and again. Generally speaking: No they will not. But it really depends on your activities.

Have you bought weapons or drugs? Have you shared your personal information? Done anything illegal? If the answer to all 3 is no, it is safe to assume that you are safe.

But lets get into a few more details

Is Tor illegal?

No, it is not. In fact it was even developed to big parts and financed by american govs. Tor is used around the world for several other things than buying drugs and distributing CP. People use Tor to protect themself from censorship within their countries, they use Tor to have a secured network for trusted communications. Hence Tor might even be used by the govs themself as it is a perfect network to protect their secret war communications and more.

Is looking at Gore/Snuff illegal?

It may be in your country, but generally it is not. You need to understand that snuff basically is non existent to this point (there may is, but it is nothing you would find accidentally) and Gore, so videos & pictures of death and violence are also present on the clearnet and usually not forbidden by any laws.

I looked at [Market], will i get busted?

No, again it is not illegal to look at drugs. As far as we both know the sites could be fake or a artistic piece, no way to tell that they are actually selling drugs and even harder to tell is that you actually browsed it to buy some and not just look. There is no law against looking at pictures of drugs anywhere as far as i know.

I bought drugs on [Market], i will get busted right?

Well, you did something illegal at this point so maybe. But did your package arrive? If so, chances are nobody noticed. There are millions of packages going trough each country every day. Chances are yours will be not under the ones that got checked.

Then again, i would strongly advice against buying anything illegal.

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